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Online private lessons: As I have several experiences teaching online, I can say that it is worth it. It is as interesting as the usual face-to-face learning, with the advantage that you can stay at home while learning Spanish with me only by using your computer.


Nowadays the amount of people learning online is growing up and is becoming very important, even in the most well-known universities.


Face-to-face private lessons: Individual or group lessons.


       Individual lessons: The main focus is to reinforce spelling, grammar and vocabulary, using books as a reference and other extra materials. Personalized lessons, depending on your level of knowledge and your learning needs.


       Small group private lessons: Prepared materials studied together, getting you to understand and to pronounce all words correctly. Role-play conversations to start practicing as soon as possible. Maximum 3 students per class. Online option possible under request and on a case-by-case basis.


Used materials (extra support):


- Well-known reference books like 'Practice makes Perfect'.


- Preparation material for the DELE exam.


- Parts of other interesting books related to the Spanish language.


- Extra material made by me (vocabulary sheets, gap-fill exercises, presentation about specific topics related to Spanish culture, etc.)