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It is worth learning Spanish!


Spanish (español) is a Romance language, which evolved from several dialects of common Latin in Iberia. 


It is the most widely understood Western language, and one of the world's most phonetic languages. If you know how a word is spelled, you can almost always know how it is pronounced.


And some worldwide language rankings!

  • 2nd language with more native speakers = +470 millions native speakers.
  • 2nd most studied language.
  • 4th most spread language geographically, with at least 3 million native speakers each in 44 countries

From the 90's on, the study of Spanish as a foreign language has been constantly growing, thanks to the economical growth of many Spanish-speaking countries, together with the expansion of the international tourism in these countries. Sources: About.com, Ethnologue.com, Wikipedia.

About me

Teacher Oscar, 2015

¡Hola! Hi there! My name is Oscar, and I come from Spain.


Since when I was young, I like the Spanish language and its peculiarities. I had high marks and I wrote books. However, I decided to study Psychology, because I love human-related jobs.


Since 2010, I began to teach Spanish to all kind of people, of different ages and countries. In that moment, I felt that it could also be a very nice job. Since then, I have been teaching as a freelance Spanish teacher for very reasonable prices.


Because teaching a language means to meet new people and to talk about how we are and how we think, and that is interesting.